Puppies in kennel Ushindi (France) — Breeder Irene von Poncet)
d.o.b. 24.05.2019
9 girls ( 2pet-multicrown, 7-standart)
2 boys- standart
no other faults detected

d.o.b. 15.03.2019
4 girls ( 3 pet-multicrown, 1-standart)
4 boys ( 3 standart , 1-multicrown)
no other faults detected!
Pictures of Puppies


Rufa’s very first puppies were born at Grand Cortege Kennel (Sankt Peterburg -Russia),
d.o.b. 18.11.2018

Breeder — Irina Boyko

6 puppies born!
3 girls (1 ridgeless) and 3 standart boys !

Grand Cortege O pretty Woman
ridgeless girl
Grand Cortege One and Only
yellow girl
Grand Cortege Ocean of Love
red girl

Grand Cortege Oswald
lillac boy
Grand Cortege Odyssey
blue boy
Grand Cortege Orion
green boy